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FEKS Krav Maga Martial Arts Center, get in great shape!

FEKS Krav Maga offers a Complete Training Program that will give you full control over your attacker. Regardless of if you are on the ground or at a standstill you will beat your opponent every time! You will learn how to take down an attacker no matter size or strength. You will be armed with the most effective self-defense system in the world!

Ranked as the number one hand-on-hand combat in world by law enforcement agencies and Military branches. Navy Seals, Army Rangers and the CIA have all adopted elements of Krav Maga into their intense & effective training… now so can you!

You will learn everyday chokes, grabs, punches, kicks, and headlocks that are used in street crimes all over the country. You will also be trained to defend yourself against weapons like knives, guns, and sticks. This is serious training that you want under your belt!

"I have been training in Krav Maga for almost two years now at FEKS MARTIAL ARTS CENTER! What can I say? I LOVE IT! I am in great shape and know how to do all the cool moves I see on TV! I JUST LOVE IT!" - John T.

You should expect to walk away with skills that will help you win every fight!

SUSTAINING SELF-DEFENSE SKILLS – You will learn real world drills in our Krav Maga programs. You will have the ability to protect your loved ones and yourself!

GRADE-A STRIKING SKILLS – Cut your response time in half with our Krav Maga program. We will improve your striking skills and you will have the confidence to win any fight!

PRACTICAL GRAPPLING SKILLS – Develop your ground game for either self defense or competition with our Submission Grappling Program. Made popular by professional UFC fights, this is as good as it gets!

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Professional Top of the Line Staff

If you want instructors that are serious about your goals FEKS Krav Maga is your place! Each of our staff members has been selected from the best fighters in the profession. Once selected each member has undergone intense curriculum and safety training. Let’s just say it wasn’t a joy ride, but these men and women know their stuff! We care about your goals and have the tools to help you reach them. Our setting is professionally designed to condone ample learning and minimum injury.

"Dear FEKS: I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your patients when it comes to teaching classes. I love being in your class and learning from you. I am in the best shape of my life and my doctor loves the results I have gotten out of your class. He loves his too since he is a member of your school as well. I LOVE FEKS KRAV MAGA." - Richard

In as little as a few weeks, our students report drastic changes to their lives. They have seen huge confidence boosts due to better self-discipline and self-esteem. These changes can be recognized in their everyday lives; grades have improved, work ethic has increased, and personal lives have soared. If you aren’t already part of FEKS Krav Maga, you want to be!

You can train like a Krav Maga fighter with no experience necessary!

With every class unique our instructors promise to find a style that works for you! Whether you are a gym rat or never worked out, we are the school for you! We will help you reach your goals at FEKS Krav Maga. If you want to lose weight or be a champion, no goal is too big for us!

Let us transform your life today by contacting right now! We have a RISK FREE TRIAL COURSE with your name on it!

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Mr. Rubinberg,

"You and your staff will be pleased to know that I successfully used one of the Krav Maga techniques that I learned in your class for self defense purposes. A choke defense at that! I recently started bouncing at the bar on fort ave (Outlanders), and although it was unfortunate; I was able to use the choke defense technique accurately and quickly solving the threat that was physically addressed to me. Thank you for all the knowledge that you and your staff have passed on to me. Just figured you would like to know :-)." Sincerely, Jon Strong